Lawrenceburg Today

The City of Lawrenceburg enjoys the feel of a relaxed small-town community combined with a great potential for measured growth and development. Visitors can tell immediately that it's a place well cared for. The citizens have a good reason to be proud. Community volunteerism and participation are evident throughout the City and serve well in presenting Lawrenceburg as a place where people have a true and tested sense of commitment and involvement.

Improving the City

Today the city is visibly active in the spirit of self-improvement - through the expansion or enhancement of existing resources such as the Casino and Racetrack, developing new assets such as community parks and the swim park project and by making those necessary adjustments to carry the changes, such as the Tanners Creek Bridge.
Not all of Lawrenceburg's assets are tangible. With an excellent and progressive school system and higher education available at the Ivy Tech Community College plus a vast wealth of youth educational grant and scholarships available to qualifying students through the Dearborn Community Foundation and its benefactors, Lawrenceburg proves that it knows the value that today's youth offers for tomorrow.