Visitors to our city soon understand why we are proud of Lawrenceburg. There's so much to see and do here and this site is designed to show you the diversity and unique character of our city. Lawrenceburg typifies Middle America...with lots of extras.

Lawrenceburg enjoys 21st century comfort and resources such as excellent schools, medical facilities, local industry, small-to-large business, employment opportunities, shopping, world-class entertainment, sports & recreation and neighborhoods ranging from in-town to rural communities where a family can grow and thrive.

Our city is located within 15 minutes of Cincinnati, Ohio. We're close enough to claim the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport as a local amenity! We even have our own river. Easy to get to? Interstate 275 is right here.

There's lots more about Lawrenceburg inside! Are we trying to entice you to pay us a visit? You bet!

Please enjoy your visit to our website - we hope to see you in person very soon!

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