Downtown Street Improvements for 2008
Walnut Street
US 50 to Tate Street, Re-Construction
Tate Street to Center Street, Re-Construction
Center Street to High Street, Re-Construction
Front Street
Re-Construction of Intersection of Front & US 50
East High Street  
Short Street to Walnut Street, Re-Construction
Todd Lane  
Relocate Todd north of Tate for Swimming Pool Project
George Street  
Add cul-de-sac at north terminus adjacent to George Street Park
Ludlow Hill Streets
Industrial Drive
Repairs as Needed - Harriet Street
Finish Current Project            Randy Avenue
Finish Current Project            Fire Company Three
Finish Project            Fairview Drive
New Storm Sewer, cul-de-sac, new rolled curb, mill and overlay
Eligible for Off Street Concrete AssistanceSunnyslope Drive
New Strom Sewer, cul-de-sac, rolled curb, mill and overlay
Eligible for Off Street Concrete AssistanceEdgewood Drive
New Curb and Gutter Pan, mill and overlay
Eligible for Off Street Concrete AssistanceMeadowbrook Drive
New cul-de-sac, rolled curbs, mill and overlayOld State Route 48
Bielby Road (S.R. 48)
We are currently awaiting an offer from INDOT to partner with us in making the repairs that are needed on this road.           
Alley Improvements
Eddie Knue Alley near St. Clair and Center Streets
St Lawrence Alley
Off Right-of-Way Concrete Improvements
New Storm Sewer, curbs and Overlay     
New Storm Sewer and new Overlay


In addition to the above, the City will continue its regular repair program for all City Streets.  If you find a problem with a STREET, SEWER, LIGHT or SIGN call 532-3555.

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