“Lawrenceburg Police Detectives provide leadership, expertise and appropriate resources that support line operations in order to improve the quality of life in our community. Detective Shepherd and Detective Schneider work together with the adjoining agencies and citizens within the city to enhance Community Policing and to reduce crime and the fear of crime throughout the City of Lawrenceburg.”

-Chief Gene Hunefeld-
Lt. Donald B Combs Jr
Sgt Detective Jeremy Shepherd 2
The Lawrenceburg Police Detective Division is charged with investigating all major crimes that occur within the City of Lawrenceburg and also with follow-up investigations.

The organizational structure of the division includes two full time detectives, Detective Jeremy Shepherd and Detective David Schneider. The normal working schedule for the Detective Division is a four day work week, ten hours per day. However, each detective is subject to being on call for a week, on a rotating basis. The "on call" detective is notified by a superior officer of the police department and responds to major crime scenes.

The division is required to assume responsibility where a follow-up investigation is required. Each detective is cross-trained to professionally investigate any type of criminal activity to which they may be assigned.

The Detective Division is the primary investigative arm of the police department. Investigations include all criminal activity that requires additional lengthy follow-up that would be restrictive to patrol officers in time or resources.

The division is to maintain cooperation and coordination among various law enforcement agencies to reduce the level of crime and solving crimes where they do occur. The Detective Division cooperates with other city, state and federal agencies in investigating incidents and gathering of criminal intelligence data. This is one of the many duties of the Detective Division.

Detectives are required to investigate crimes against persons (crimes including homicides, rapes, assault, etc.) and crimes against property (burglaries, larcenies, forgeries, auto thefts, etc.) Detectives also perform a number of activities in support of the community, and participate in community alliances. These duties include attending neighborhood meetings, community information programs (Crime Stoppers), development and presentation of crime prevention programs such as block watch, and working with residents and businesses to resolve specific problems.