Leadership & Administration

Fire Chief Johnnie Tremain

FO-II, Investigator-I, Fire Inspector-ll, Instructor-I and EMT-Basic

As a Life long resident of the City of Lawrenceburg Joined the fire department in 1986 as a second generation firefighter. Advanced through the ranks from Firefighter, Chief Driver, Captain, District Chief, Asst. Chief and then Fire Chief towards the end of 2002 for the all volunteer department. In 2004 with the change of administration Chief Tremain was replaced and dropped to Deputy Fire Chief (Assistant). In 2005 the city established a Combination Fire Department and Chief Tremain was fortunate to be one of 4 full-time firefighters hired by the city of Lawrenceburg. In 2012 Chief Tremain was again handed the rains of the department and became the first Full-Time Fire Chief for the City of Lawrenceburg.

Deputy Fire Chief Pat Meyers

FO-II, Investigator-I, Instructor-II and EMT-Basic
Lifelong resident of Lawrenceburg, began his fire service as a volunteer firefighter in 1989. Deputy Chief Schuette has worked through the ranks as 1st and 2nd Lieutenant, Captain, District Chief, Assistant Chief and promoted to Deputy Chief in 2012. Chief schuette was hired as a full-time firefighter in 2005. Deputy Chief Schuette coordinates all fire prevention within the city and township, along with administrative duties sent down from the chief. Deputy Chief Schuette works on C shift.

Asst. Fire Chief Rob Schuette

FO-II, Investigator-I, Instructor-I and EMT-Basic

Lifelong resident of Lawrenceburg, and a second generation firefighter, began his fire service as a volunteer firefighter in 1995. Asst. Chief Myers was hired as a full-time firefighter in 2005. Assistant Chief Myers works on A shift.

Training of Staff

Indiana volunteer firefighters are required to complete and pass a Mandatory firefighting curriculum in order to participate in firefighting. Lawrenceburg firefighters are encouraged to pursue higher certification levels. Each year the Training Division submits a yearly training schedule that encompasses the core competencies of firefighting along with special operations skills. Each firefighter who works in hazardous environments must participate in a minimum of 4 live burns per year, this meets the requirements set forth in the OSHA standards. Each firefighter must complete JPR’s (job performance requirements) each year. Training is also conducted on a daily basis around the station, this is to hone the firefighters skills and helps maintain certifications.