The Lawrenceburg Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department is responsible for reducing the incidents of death and disability by providing prompt and effective pre-hospital emergency treatment and transportation to victims of illness or injury.
The Lawrenceburg EMS is headed by the Chief of EMS, who is responsible for the overall administration with a goal of providing the highest level of EMS service to our citizens. In order to maintain this high standard of care, the EMS section constantly evaluates new medical equipment, techniques, and procedures and adopts those that will improve patient care. In addition, all EMS personnel are required to complete refresher training and pass protocol testing to ensure proficiency.

Calling 911: What to Expect
911 operators are trained to ask questions that will help you get the assistance you need as quickly as possible. It is important to stay on the line with your 911 operator until you receive instructions to hang up. If you are in danger, you may be instructed to leave the building, secure yourself in a room, or take other protective actions.

Only call 911 for the following reasons:
  • To stop a crime
  • To report a fire
  • To save a life
For all other concerns, call our non-emergency number.

Local businesses can help save lives and prevent over 50,000 deaths nationwide by installing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units inside their establishments and registering them with 911. To learn more about AEDs and Cardiac Arrest training, visit the American Red Cross website.